Diva Squad Contest Prep


Meal Program – clear & organized meal program to follow that changes based on your progress & needs

Supplement/Vitamin Guidance – suggestion on what to take & when to take

Workouts & Cardio – organized workout & cardio programs provided

Posing – coaching specific to your body for the stage. Posing is extremely important & something our team takes great pride in! You will learn the ins & outs of stage presence, what the judges are looking for and what looks best for YOU on stage!

Extensive program instructions – provided to have you prepared, mentally ready, and organized to begin your prep

– Review of weekly photos and weight to assess progress & make changes to program as deemed necessary
– Unlimited email support, coaching, motivation & consulting

Assistance with:
– Show selection
– Suit selection – where to buy and what color/cut/style
– Hair and makeup guidance for your best stage look
– Instructions on everything you will need to know before your show day!

Diva Squad prep programs cover A-Z contest prep. Perfect for beginners as well as experienced competitors.

12 week prep $750
16 week prep $999
* $500 minimum due up front

* Length of prep needed will be determined by Diva Squad Fitness based on your current photos

*** In person training is available upon request & is subject to Diva Squad trainer availability.

Competitor Off Season/ Improvement/ Maintenance Program

This program provides the following:

– Assessment of your current physique
– Determines areas of improvement that will be needed prior to beginning a contest prep
– Complete plan of action to make improvements to competitor’s physique, to maintain a healthy weight between contests, and for overall health and well-being

Please email contact@divasquadfitness.com or contact us for more information.


Diva Fit Body


Food Menu – meal program with likes & dislikes taken into account. Meal program based on your goals, lifestyle and activity level

Supplement/Vitamin Guidance – my suggestions on what to take for fat loss, muscle recovery, and overall well-being

Workouts – to follow that will tone, shape, and lean out your body

Cardio programs – for ultimate fat burning & body shaping. You will lose body fat from all areas of your body!

Unlimited email support & coaching – answering all of your questions in regards to your program, health & fitness, and guiding you on all aspects of your new lifestyle. How to handle dining out, holidays, traveling, etc.

Extensive program instructions – provided to have you ready to attack your Diva Fit Body program!

Weekly Check-ins – to keep you on track and follow your progress

The reality is that if you want to have a body that you are proud of, it is going to take hard work and sacrifice. You will need to prep your meals in advance, schedule in workouts and cardio into your days, and be willing to change your ways and be open to creating new habits and a new way of life. You won’t be able to get where you want to be by doing this halfway. You need to mentally be ready to do whatever it takes to reach your goal. 12 weeks is usually the right amount of time to make a fabulous transformation. This is an investment in yourself and in your everyday happiness which can be absolutely life-changing. When you can look in the mirror and feel proud of your reflection, feel stronger, feel healthier, and feel more confident in every aspect of your life – it is an indescribable feeling. Additionally, you will be able to apply everything you learn in these 12 weeks, to the rest of your life!

Not sure if you are ready commit to a weight lose program? Read this article to help you determine the answer: Weight Loss ready to change your habits? – Read more

My passion is your success, your health, and your happiness.

Pricing: $600


*** In person training is available upon request & is subject to Diva Squad trainer availability. Email contact@divasquadfitness.com or contact us for rates.